The Great Courses

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List of available Great Courses  at our library on May 13, 2013:


Abraham Lincoln:  In his own words/Professor David Zarefsky (sound recording)

The American Civil War/ Gary W. Gallagher (sound recording)

American Ideals:  founding a “Republic of Virtue”/Daniel N. Robinson (sound recording)

Argumentation:  the study of effective reasoning/David Zarefsky (sound recording)

The art of critical decision making (sound recording)/Michael A. Roberto (sound recording)

Classical Mythology/Elizabeth Vandiver (sound recording)

Consciousness and its implications/Daniel N. Robinson (video recording)

Dark Matter, dark energy:  the dark side of the universe/The Teaching Company (video recording)

Einsteins’s relativity and the quantum revolution:  modern physics for non-scientists/Richard Wolfson (sound recording)

The Everyday guide to spirits and cocktails:  tastes and traditions/Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan (video recording)

From Monet to Van Gogh:  a history of impressionism (video recording)

Great American bestsellers:  the books that shaped America (sound recording)

The great ideas of philosophy/Daniel N. Robinson (sound recording)

The history of the English language/Seth Lerer (video recording)

Life Lessons from the great books (sound recording)

Life Lessions from the great myths/J. Rufus Fears (sound recording)

Lifelong health:  achieving optimum well-being at any age/Professor Anthony A. Goodman (video recording)

Meteorology:  an introduction to the wonders of the weather/Robert G. Fovell (video recording)

Money and banking:  what everyone should know (video recording)

Museum masterpieces:  The Louvre/The Teaching Company (video recording)

Optimizing brain fitness/Richard M. Restak (videodisc)

Our night sky/The Teaching Company (video recording)

Physiology and fitness/Dean Hodgkin (video recording)

Practicing mindfulness:  an introduction to meditation/Mark W. Muesse (video recording)

Reason and faith.  Parts 1 and 2:  philosophy in the Middle Ages/Thomas Williams (sound recording)

Robert E. Lee and his high command/Gary W. Gallagher (sound recording)

The science of natural healing/Mimi Guarneri (sound recording)

The everyday gourmet:  baking pastries and desserts/The Culinary Institute of America (video recording) + book

The everyday gourmet:  rediscovering the lost art of cooking/The Culinary Institute of America (video recording) + book

The Human Body:  how we fail, how we heal/The Teaching Company (video recording)

Tools of thinking:  understanding the world through experience and reason/James Hall (video recording)

Trails of Evidence:  how forensic science works/producer, Alisha Reay; directors, Jonathan D. Leven, Jim M. Allen (video recording)

The United States and the Middle East, 1914 to 9/11/Salim Yaqub – The Teaching Company (sound recording)

The Vikings/Kenneth W. Harl (sound recording)

William Shakespeare:  comedies, histories, and tragedies/Peter Saccio (sound recording)

The world was never the same:  events that changed history/J. Rufus Fears (sound recording)



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