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By Wesley King

Year of Publication: 2016

A summary from Goodreads: 

Daniel is the back-up punter for the Erie Hills Elephants. Which really means he’s the water boy. He spends football practice perfectly arranging water cups—and hoping no one notices. Actually, he spends most of his time hoping no one notices his strange habits—he calls them Zaps: avoiding writing the number four, for example, or flipping a light switch on and off dozens of times over. He hopes no one notices that he’s crazy, especially his best friend Max, and Raya, the prettiest girl in school. His life gets weirder when another girl at school, who is unkindly nicknamed Psycho Sara, notices him for the first time. She doesn’t just notice him: she seems to peer through him.

Then Daniel gets a note: “I need your help,” it says, signed, Fellow Star Child—whatever that means. And suddenly Daniel, a total no one at school, is swept up in a mystery that might change everything for him.

With great voice and grand adventure, this book is about feeling different and finding those who understand.

Goshen Public Library call number: YF KING (BOOK-YA)

The Essential Taylor Swift Fanbook

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Year of Publication: 2024

A summary from Goodreads: 

Calling all Swifties! This brand new, fully up to date book has everything that fans need to know about Taylor Swift. Follow her journey from country music sensation to global megastar. Discover the hidden meanings behind her greatest songs, find out about her life as a performer and movie star, and read all kinds of quotes and TayTay trivia. Take a quiz to see how well you know Taylor, and even work out how to adopt all her different styles. You’ll even join her on her current Eras world tour, and discover the story behind this amazing international event – including best songs and most momentous moments. This is an unmissable book for anyone who loves Taylor Swift!

Goshen Public Library call number: J92 SWIFT (BOOK-J)

New Cold Wars: China’s Rise, Russia’s Invasion, and America’s Struggle to Defend the West

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By David E. Sanger

Year of Publication: 2024

A summary from Goodreads: 

A fast-paced account of America’s plunge into simultaneous Cold Wars against two very different adversaries—Xi Jinping’s China and Vladimir Putin’s Russia—based on deep reporting from inside the White House, U.S. intelligence agencies, technology firms, and foreign governments.

More than thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the United States finds itself in a volatile rivalry against the world’s other two great nuclear powers. Yet this era bears very little resemblance to the old Cold War. As Putin and Xi increasingly threaten to team up, this moment grows far more complex—and undeniably more dangerous—than the world of a half century ago.

New Cold Wars —the latest from Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and bestselling author of The Perfect Weapon, David E. Sanger—tells the riveting story of America at a crossroads. At the turn of the millennium, the United States was confident that a democratic Russia and a newly wealthy China could gradually be pulled into the Western-led order. That proved a fantasy. By the time Washington emerged from the age of terrorism, the three nuclear powers were engaged in a new, high-stakes struggle for military, economic, and technological supremacy—with nations around the world forced to take sides.

Based on a remarkable array of interviews with top officials in the United States, foreign leaders, andtech companies thrust onto the front lines, Sanger unfolds a riveting narrative spun around the era’s critical Will the mistakes Putin made in his ill-considered invasion of Ukraine prove his undoing, and will he reach for his nuclear arsenal? Will China strike back at the U.S. chip embargo, or seize Taiwan, the world’s semiconductor capital?

Taking readers from the battlefields of Ukraine—where trench warfare and cyberwarfare are fought side by side—to the back rooms and boardrooms where diplomats, spies, and tech executives jockey for geopolitical advantage, New Cold Wars is a remarkable first draft history chronicling America’s return to superpower conflict, the choices that lie ahead, and what is at stake for the United States and the world.

Goshen Public Library call number: 320.9 SANGER (BOOK)

A Calamity of Souls

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Year of Publication: 2024

A summary from Goodreads

Set in the tumultuous year of 1968 in southern Virginia, a racially-charged murder case sets a duo of white and Black lawyers against a deeply unfair system as they work to defend their wrongfully-accused Black defendants in this courtroom drama from #1 New York Times bestselling author David Baldacci.

Jack Lee is a white lawyer from Freeman County, Virginia, who has never done anything to push back against racism, until he decides to represent Jerome Washington, a Black man charged with brutally killing an elderly and wealthy white couple. Doubting his decision, Lee fears that his legal skills may not be enough to prevail in a case where the odds are already stacked against both him and his client. And he quickly finds himself out of his depth when he realizes that what is at stake is far greater than the outcome of a murder trial.

Desiree DuBose is a Black lawyer from Chicago who has devoted her life to furthering the causes of justice and equality for everyone. She comes to Freeman County and enters a fractious and unwieldy partnership with Lee in a legal battle against the best prosecutor in the Commonwealth. Yet DuBose is also aware that powerful outside forces are at work to blunt the victories achieved by the Civil Rights era.

Lee and DuBose could not be more dissimilar. On their own, neither one can stop the prosecution’s deliberate march towards a guilty verdict and the electric chair. But together, the pair fight for what once seemed impossible: a chance for a fair trial and true justice.

Over a decade in the writing, A Calamity of Souls breathes richly imagined and detailed life into a bygone era, taking the reader through a world that will seem both foreign and familiar.

Goshen Public Library call number: F BALDACCI (BOOK)

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

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Year of Release: 2001

A summary from Amazon: 

The Monty Python team are at it again in their second movie. This time we follow King Arthur and his knights in their search for the Holy Grail. This isn’t your average medieval knights and horses story – for a start, due to a shortage in the kingdom, all the horses have been replaced by servants clopping coconuts together!

Goshen Public Library call number: DVD-A (VISUAL MATERIAL)