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New Fiction Books – May 24, 2013

May 24th, 2013

Moving Miss Peggy:  A Story of Courage, Dementia and Consolation by Robert Benson

NOS4A2:  A Novel by Joe Hill







Wedding Night:  a Novel  by Sophie Kinsella

Maya’s Notebook:  a Novel by Isabel Allende

maya's notebook







The Woman Upstairs by Claire Messud

Fly Away by Kristin Hannah

fly away







Murder as a Fine Art by David Morrell

Helsinki Blood (An Inspector Vaara Novel) by James Thompson




The Great Courses

May 13th, 2013

List of available Great Courses  at our library on May 13, 2013:


Abraham Lincoln:  In his own words/Professor David Zarefsky (sound recording)

The American Civil War/ Gary W. Gallagher (sound recording)

American Ideals:  founding a “Republic of Virtue”/Daniel N. Robinson (sound recording)

Argumentation:  the study of effective reasoning/David Zarefsky (sound recording)

The art of critical decision making (sound recording)/Michael A. Roberto (sound recording)

Classical Mythology/Elizabeth Vandiver (sound recording)

Consciousness and its implications/Daniel N. Robinson (video recording)

Dark Matter, dark energy:  the dark side of the universe/The Teaching Company (video recording)

Einsteins’s relativity and the quantum revolution:  modern physics for non-scientists/Richard Wolfson (sound recording)

The Everyday guide to spirits and cocktails:  tastes and traditions/Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan (video recording)

From Monet to Van Gogh:  a history of impressionism (video recording)

Great American bestsellers:  the books that shaped America (sound recording)

The great ideas of philosophy/Daniel N. Robinson (sound recording)

The history of the English language/Seth Lerer (video recording)

Life Lessons from the great books (sound recording)

Life Lessions from the great myths/J. Rufus Fears (sound recording)

Lifelong health:  achieving optimum well-being at any age/Professor Anthony A. Goodman (video recording)

Meteorology:  an introduction to the wonders of the weather/Robert G. Fovell (video recording)

Money and banking:  what everyone should know (video recording)

Museum masterpieces:  The Louvre/The Teaching Company (video recording)

Optimizing brain fitness/Richard M. Restak (videodisc)

Our night sky/The Teaching Company (video recording)

Physiology and fitness/Dean Hodgkin (video recording)

Practicing mindfulness:  an introduction to meditation/Mark W. Muesse (video recording)

Reason and faith.  Parts 1 and 2:  philosophy in the Middle Ages/Thomas Williams (sound recording)

Robert E. Lee and his high command/Gary W. Gallagher (sound recording)

The science of natural healing/Mimi Guarneri (sound recording)

The everyday gourmet:  baking pastries and desserts/The Culinary Institute of America (video recording) + book

The everyday gourmet:  rediscovering the lost art of cooking/The Culinary Institute of America (video recording) + book

The Human Body:  how we fail, how we heal/The Teaching Company (video recording)

Tools of thinking:  understanding the world through experience and reason/James Hall (video recording)

Trails of Evidence:  how forensic science works/producer, Alisha Reay; directors, Jonathan D. Leven, Jim M. Allen (video recording)

The United States and the Middle East, 1914 to 9/11/Salim Yaqub – The Teaching Company (sound recording)

The Vikings/Kenneth W. Harl (sound recording)

William Shakespeare:  comedies, histories, and tragedies/Peter Saccio (sound recording)

The world was never the same:  events that changed history/J. Rufus Fears (sound recording)