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IN THE SHADOW OF STATUTES: a white southerner confronts history–by Mitch Landrieu, Mayor of New Orleans

May 29th, 2018

When Mayor Mitch Landrieu addressed the people of New Orleans in May 2017 about his decision to take down four Confederate monuments, he struck a nerve nationally, forcing into the open a reckoning with the institutional racism that shapes us today. Now Mayor Landrieu retraces his personal journey on race & the path he took to making the decision to remove the monuments.

At a moment when racism is resurgent with seemingly tacit approval from the highest levels of government & when too many Americans have a misplaced nostalgia for a time & place that never existed,  this book is necessary reading.  Equal parts memoir, history,& prescription for finally confronting America’s most painful legacy, In the Shadow of Statutes contributes a strong voice to the national conversation about race today.  It is a passionate, personal, urgent book for all Americans.


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