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September 19th, 2019

A pale moon silhouettes the dark castle that sits on the distant mountain.  The howl of the wind seems far away but the cold chill hovers ominously in the fog that drifts along the path ahead.  It’s just a story, I tell myself as I turn the pages

In a series of journals, letters, & notes, Jonathan Harker & others take us through this deliciously scary tale of their encounter with the vampire known as Count Dracula.  Dracula has decided to move from Transylvania to London, where the strange lifestyle he leads will not frighten away those who might come across his path.  Jonathan Harker has traveled from London to Transylvania to facilitate the transfer of property in London for Count Dracula, so Jonathan stays at the Transylvania castle. Jonathan begins to question his own sanity:  Are the strange things he’s seeing real?   Could any of it be his imagination?

Although Dracula was first published at the end of the 19th century, the mystery is as compelling as any contemporary novel, & much, much scarier.


GPL: YF Stoker

Home for Erring and Outcast Girls –Julie Kibler

September 11th, 2019

In turn-of-the-twentieth-century Texas, the Berachah Industrial Home for the Redemption of Erring Girls is an unprecedented beacon of hope for young women consigned to the dangerous poverty of the streets by birth, circumstance, or personal tragedy.  When Lizzie Bates and Mattie Corder meet there—one sick and abused but desperately clinging to her young daughter, the other jilted by the beau who fathered her ailing son—they form a friendship that will see them through unbearable loss, heartbreak, difficult choices,and, ultimately, diverging paths.

A century later, Cate Sutton, a reclusive university librarian, begins to comb through the home’s archives in her university’s library.  Pulled by an indescribable connection to their stories, Cate confronts her own heartbreaking past and reclaims the life she thought she had forever let go of.

“A moving tale of friendship and resilience, Home for Erring and Outcast Girls is the story of three different women, each betrayed and abandoned, and the ways in which they find their way home.  Emotional.  Raw.  Compelling.  Julie Kibler writes with skill, compassion, and grace.” -Ariel Lawhon, New York Times bestselling author of  I Was Anastasia.

GPL: F Kibler