THE FEATHER THIEF by Kirk Wallace Johnson

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 The Feather Thief has a subtitle:  Beauty, Obsession, and the Natural History Heist of the Century.  

On a cool June evening in 2009, after performing a concert at London’s Royal Academy of Music,twenty-year-old American flautist Edwin Rist boarded a train for a suburban outpost of the British Museum of Natural History.  Home to one of the largest ornithological collections in the world, the Tring museum was full of of rare bird specimens whose gorgeous feathers were worth staggering amounts of money to the men who shared Edwin’s obsession:  the Victorian art of salmon fly-tying.  Once inside the museum, the champion fly-tier grabbed hundreds of bird skins—some collected 150 years earlier by a contemporary of Darwin’s, Alfred Russel Wallace, who’d risked everything to gather them.

Two years later, Kirk Wallace Johnson was waist-high in a river in northern New Mexico when his fly-fishing guide told him about the heist.  He was soon consumed by the strange case of the feather thief.  In his search for answers, Johnson was catapulted into a years-long, worldwide investigation.  The gripping story of a bizarre & shocking crime, & one man’s restless pursuit of justice, The Feather Thief is also a fascinating exploration of osession, & a man’s destructive instinct to harvest the beauty of nature.

Man is seldom content to witness beauty.  He must possess it.  –Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare, Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea 1979

GPL: 364.162 Johnson

RAPID FALLS by Amber Cowie

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Forgive and forget? The past and present collide for two sisters who survived a tragedy—and must now survive the truth behind it.

It’s been twenty years since Cara’s boyfriend died in a horrible accident and her sister, Anna, went to prison. The tragedy has become a local legend, but Cara has moved past her grief to have a successful career and a happy family. Pity about Anna. Recently released from incarceration, she’s struggling with addiction, guilt, and shame—a shattered life. Cara’s forgiveness seems to be the only thing that helps her pick up the pieces.

But as Anna pulls herself together, her memories of that night on the bridge start to come into focus. And few of them match her sister’s.

As past secrets unfold and nothing is what it seems anymore, Anna desperately searches for the truth. But what if Cara doesn’t want her to find it?

GPL:  F Cowie

ART MATTERS by Neil Gaiman

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“The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before.”—Neil Gaiman

Drawn from Gaiman’s trove of published speeches, poems, and creative manifestos, Art Matters is an embodiment of this remarkable multi-media artist’s vision—an exploration of how reading, imagining, and creating can transform the world and our lives.  Art Matters combines the beloved author’s extraordinary words with deft and striking illustrations from award winning artist Chris Riddell.

Art Matters bring together four of Gaiman’s most beloved writings on creativity and artistry:

  • “Credo,” his remarkably concise and relevant manifesto on free expression, first delivered in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo shootings
  • “Make Good Art,” his famous 2012 commencement address delivered at the Philadelphia University of the Arts
  • “Making a Chair,” a poem about the joys of creating something, even when words won’t come
  • “On Libraries,” an impassioned argument for libraries that illuminates their importance to our future and celebrates how they foster readers and daydreamers

“Be Bold. Be Rebellious. Choose Art. It Matters.”-Gaiman

GPL:  153.35 Gaiman


DON’T MAKE ME PULL OVER! by Richard Ratay

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Part pop history & part whimsical memoir in the spirit of “National Lampoon’s Vacation”, Don’t Make Me Pullover! is a nostalgic look at the golden age of family road trips—before portable DVD players, iPods, and Google Maps.  Between home & destination lay thousands of miles & dozens of annoyances, & with his family, Richard Ratay experienced all of them—from being crowded into the back seat with noogie-happy brothers to picking out a souvenir only to find that a better one might have been had at the next stop.

The birth of America’s first interstate highways in the 1950s hit the gas pedal on the road trip phenomenon.  In this road tourism-crazy era that stretched through the 1970s, National Parks attendance swelled & a whopping number of people visited Gettyburg ( 13 times the number of soldiers who fought in battle).  Now, decades later Ratay reminds us, in hundreds of amusing ways, what once made the Great Family Road Trip so great, including 20-ft “land yachts”, oasislike Holiday Inn Holidomes, Smokey-spotting Fuzzbusters, 28 glorious flavors of Howard Johnson’s ice cream, & the thrill of finding a “good buddy” on the CB radio.

Ratay shows how the family road trip came to be, how its evolution mirrored the country’s, & why those magical journeys that once brought families together-for better & worse- have largely disappeared.

GPL:  306.097 Ratay

BUNK by Kevin Young

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In BUNK, award-winning poet & critic Kevin Young traces the history of the hoax as a peculiarly American phenomenon—the legacy of PT Barnum’s “humbug” culminating with the currency of Donald J Trump’s “fake news”.  Disturbingly, Young finds that fakery is woven from stereotype and suspicion, with race being the most insidious American hoax of all.  He chronicles how Barnum came to fame by displaying figures he described as new, old, or a missing link.  He then turns to the hoaxing of history & the way that forgers, plagiarists, & frauds invent backstories & falsehoods to sell us lies about themselves & about the world in our own time, from the pretend Native Americans like Nasdijj to the identity theft of Rachel Dolezal.

This brilliant & timely work asks what it means to live in the post-factual world of “truthiness” where everything is up for interpretation & everyone is subject to a contagious cynicism that damages our ideas of reality, fact, & art.


GPL : 177.3 Young