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Underground AirlinesThis novel takes place in present day America except for one thing: the Civil War never occurred.

“Victor”, a young black man, is acting as a bounty hunter for the US Marshal Service returning runaway slaves from the Hard Four, the places that slavery is allowed to exist: Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Carolina [North and South Carolina are only one large state.

Victor suppresses the memories of his childhood on a plantation and works to infiltrate the abolitionist movement called the Underground Airlines.  A figure of speech: it’s the root of a grand, extended metaphor, “pilots”, “stewards”, “baggage handlers”, “gate agents” “connecting flights” and “airport security”.  The Airlines flies on the ground, in package trucks,unmarked cars and stolen tractor-trailers.  It flies in the illicit adjustment on packing slips, bribery of border security agents…

A rich novel of a terrifyingly alternate America.  Everything is possible.

GPL: F Winters

FEAR OF BEAUTY -by Susan Froetschel

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fear of beautySusan Froetschel makes the Afghanistan conflict real on a personal level.  It is a tale rich with thought-provoking themes.  The Afghan way of life is expressed mostly by the main character, Sofi.  She is an industrious, hard-working,introspective woman in her village and she cares for her family as well as she can.  But Afghan ways for women are much different than for men and boys.  Sofi begins to understand written words but she must keep that secret to herself.

The American military unit arrives outside the village and sets up camp with the mere purpose of enhancing Afghani agriculture. The Taliban infuses its ugly face into the villagers’ lives.

These three entities-the villagers, the Americans, the Taliban-come together in this novel in a way that helps our understanding of what it really is like in Afghanistan.

“Fearing beauty in itself is not evil.  It’s understandable to fear what’s new or what we cannot control.  The Koran warns against suspicion, and evil emerges when we prevent discovery of beauty by others.  I’m sure more than ever before that it’s best to live life intent on controlling ourselves more than on controlling others.”  -Sofi

GPL : F Froetsch

WILD BY NATURE by Sarah Marquis

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wildWild by Nature is vibrant epic of human ingenuity, resilience and persistence. For the last twenty-three years, Sarah Marquis has circumnavigated the globe, solo, on foot.  She is a National Geographic Explorer.   In Wild by Nature, Ms Marquis takes you on the trail of her ten-thousand-mile solo hike across the remote Gobi Desert from Siberia to Thailand and then she was transported by boat to complete her three-year trek in the Australian bush.

Against nearly insurmountable odds and relying on her own wits, Sarah Marquis survived the Mafia, drug dealers, thieves on horseback who harassed her tent every night for weeks, temperatures from sub-zero to scorching, a dengue fever delirium in the Laos jungle, life-threatening wildlife, tropical ringwormin northern Thailand, dehydration, and a life-threatening abscess.

One woman, 10,000 miles on foot, 6 countries, 8 pairs of hiking boots, 3,000 cups of tea, 1,000 days and nights.  For Marquis, her story is about freedom and being alive and wild by nature.

GPL 613.69


STOP CLUTTER from stealing your life by MIKE NELSON

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41mr0-ytedl-_sx321_bo1204203200_There IS a difference between a hoarder and a clutterer and Mike Nelson explains that to us.  Mike Nelson is a reformed clutterer; he overcame his own cluttering behavior, and shares his triumphs and struggles with humor and insight.  He is totally against forced decluttering—no interventions.  STOP CLUTTER combines practical tips and psychological insights to help us change cluttering behavior—permanently.

Ann Richards, former governor of Texas, tells us “Our lives and our dwelling places have become so full of stuff that it restricts our freedom.  I do not want to be weighed down or slowed down by owning things.  This book will show you the way to unburden your life.”

You’ll learn: practical ways to keep clutter from coming into your home or office; proven ways to eliminate computer, financial, and time clutter; business and home decluttering tools; and to deal with inherited clutter.

“As a psychiatrist, I can report that I have ‘prescribed’ this book & the Clutterless approach to patients with remarkable results.  I find that [Nelson] is grounded in real-world experiences of Clutterers, & offers counsel that appreciates & validates where they are.  We don’t need to keep beating ourselves—we need practical skills toward results!” -Kathleen Wong, MD, psychiatrist


GRUNT by Mary Roach

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41snvmsomkl-_sx331_bo1204203200_You can count on Mary Roach to delve deeply into her investigations of anything she writes.  GRUNT tackles the science of humans at war.  Ms. Roach dodges hostile fire with the US Marine Corps Paintball Team as part of a study on hearing loss and survivability in combat.  She visits the fashion design studio of US Army Natick Labs and learns why a zipper is a problem for a sniper.  She visits a repurposed movie studio where amputee actors help prepare Marine Corps medics for the shock & gore of combat wounds.

Ms Roach gives detailed information for we civilians of what military combat life-and return home-can possibly be like.  Mary Roach seems incapable of writing a boring science book; her enthusiasm and wit help to ease some of the topics under discussion.



GPL 355.07 Roach