Memories of Heaven by Dr. Wayne Dyer & Dee Garnes

May 4th, 2016 by Goshen Public Library Leave a reply »

memories of heavenDr Wayne Dyer and Dee Garnes received overwhelming responses to their requests for stories that young children related about their rememberances of their lives before they were born.  They tell of talking with & being with God;  talking of their past lives on Earth; how they chose who their parents would be; and much more.

A reader writes: “ Memories of Heaven opened my eyes to other possibilities in living.  I believe in angels and that some young children (whose lives are innocent and more clear than many of us) can see and communicate with angels.  It seems they can sometimes hear departed spirits of family members, too.  This was such an interesting, thought-provoking book which I could not put down once I started reading.”

This is a very interesting book of stories that tells us there is far more to this earthly experience than what we perceive with our own senses.



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