The Great Courses: The Everyday Gourmet Baking Pastries and Desserts

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the everyday gourmetThe Everyday Gourmet Baking Pastries and Desserts is written by Chef Stephen L Durfee of The Culinary Institute of America.  The thin 70-page book, which includes a glossary, accompanies a DVD of the same name. Read ahead then watch the video or watch and follow along in the book.  There are six Lesson Guides which cover Basic Doughs, Methods for Mixing Cakes, Pies and Biscuits, Cream Puffs, Custards, Mousse and Dessert Sauces.

Even if you’ve been baking for a long time, I think you’d learn why some of your baking projects turn out well, and why some don’t.  That was my experience.  It’s fascinating to learn the reasons why cakes rise, what chemical reactions occur in baking (told in layman’s terms), what things need sifting & why they do, and so much more.

There are recipes so that you’ll be able to REALLY practice what you learn.  I was quite taken with such a well-written and well-filmed Great Course.

This can be found at the GPL at “641.86 Everyday”.

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